Traveler Tips

 Tips to enjoy a more sustainable trip
Traveler Tips  

In case of an emergency, dial 911

  • Leave your expensive jewelry and a backup for your laptop at home. Also, make a copy of your passport so you can take that around with you rather than the original.

  • At the airport, do not leave your luggage unattended or with a stranger and do not carry any stranger's luggage through customs or immigration.

  • Always, take care of your belongings; even on buses or taxis.

  • Remember, credit cards and traveler checks are good tools when you travel. Do not carry large amounts of cash.

  • Learn the currency exchange rate from a reliable source (online or at a local bank) and try to exchange at official banks whenever possible.

  • Whenever possible, leave your passport and valuable items in your hotel’s safety box.

  • Beware of the sun! In Costa Rica you are closer to the equator; hence, the sun’s ultraviolet rays are much more direct and stronger. Use sunscreen whenever possible.

  • Please, make an effort to minimize your impact on our national parks. Do not liter or feed any animals.

  • Avoid crowds as well as dark and empty places. Watch out for pickpockets.

  • Do not give money to people in the streets.

  • Use official taxi’s; they are painted red or orange.

  • In Costa Rica, we are not good drivers. Cars do not yield to other cars or pedestrians! Be careful whenever you cross a street.

  • Avoid driving at night. If someone asks you to pull over, do not do so until you are in a well-lit and safe place.

  • If your tire burst, be wary of "friendly" people stopping to help… and rob you!

  • Do not leave your luggage in the car, especially if it's visible.

  • Pack your common sense and enjoy Costa Rica!


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