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The Ultimate Costa Rica Adventure

Costa Rica Adventure Vacation Packages by Grayline

Costa Rica is the most ideal destination for those looking for the ultimate nature trip. Here you can experience going to the mountains to visit its several cloud forests, hiking through lush rain forests, getting to know its wonderful marine and going up close to its active volcanoes. While the country may be small compared to its Central American neighbors, it offers something that is unique and quite adventurous. It has a diverse flora and fauna making it the ultimate paradise for all. It is an ideal place for nature enthusiasts, beach bums, surf nuts or people looking for a place to relax and escape the busy life of cities.

If you are looking for an ultimate Costa Rica adventure then you need to contact Gray Line. You can give us a call today and choose one of our incredible vacation packages or escorted tours. Our staff is from Costa Rica thus they know the country well to give you an ultimate experience that you will never forget. Moreover, we have travel experts who by listening to you will know the best adventure for you. We will suggest for you destinations that may interest you and help you choose the best vacation package.

All Inlcusive Itineraries

Costa Rica All Inclusive Beach Vacation Packages by Grayline

At Gray Line, we offer Costa Rica all inclusive vacation packages that allow tourists to enjoy all that this fabulous Central American country has to offer. Our travel packages are affordable and are tailor-made to allow you to have the ultimate Costa Rica adventure. Allowing us to plan for your Costa Rica Vacation ensures that you don't miss-out on any fun or experience of visiting this paradise. It doesn't matter what you are interested in, Costa Rica has it all from nice sandy beaches to beautiful cloud forests. All our packages are inclusive of accommodation and taxes. Choosing any of our packages will give you a piece of mind while you enjoy what Costa Rica has to offer.

We Can Customize Your Trip

We offer various vacation packages that are tailor-made to give you an ultimate experience like no other. We have Costa Rica beach vacation packages for those who are looking to spend their vacation at the coast. Costa Rica is blessed with beautiful sandy beaches where you can sun bath and relax. You cannot claim you have been to Costa Rica if you haven't been to their beaches. We offer several vacation packages that are dedicated on giving you the ultimate beach experience.

Costa Rica Adventure Vacation Packages - Scuba Diving

You can go deep sea diving in the pacific and explore the flora and fauna of this part of the ocean. Here, you will be accompanied by expert divers who will help you navigate the deep sea without any problem. The safety of our clients is very important to us, thus we take the necessary measures to ensure that all our tourists get to enjoy their vacation without any accidents. There are very many places you can explore in this country from coral reefs to active volcanoes. It would take you years to travel to all these places but with our packages you will get to travel to the best destinations within a specified period.

Top Hotels and Resorts

Costa Rica Family Vacation Packages - Top Hotels and Resorts

We will also book you in the best hotels in the country where there are big swimming pools. While you will be needed to spend more to be accommodated in these top class hotels, we can assure you that you will love your stay there. We will always book you in reputable hotels that have a rich history in customer satisfaction. These hotels have staff that speaks English well thus you wouldn't have any problem communicating with them. Come to Costa Rica and have the ultimate paradise adventure.

Book Now!

If you are looking for the ultimate Costa Rica experience, give us a call today. Our staff is friendly and will advise you on the best vacation package for you and your partner. Come experience the ultimate adventure.

Nature Lovers' Dream Destination

Costa Rica is a dream destination for every nature lover out there. Just as the name suggests, this Central American country is rich of coast and its beaches are magnificent and vast. It offers the ultimate experience for both nature lovers and fun loving people. If you are looking for a beautiful, adventurous and peaceful holiday destination then Costa Rica is the place to be. While it may be small in size, its vast and diverse biodiversity makes it a popular holiday destination among most nature enthusiasts. It is believed to be the most visited place on earth and this is solely due to its diverse flora and fauna. Moreover, the country promises visitors an ultimate experience like no other.

Costa Rica Family Eco Tours Packages by Gray Line

At Gray Line, we want you to have the ultimate adventure when you are visiting Costa Rica today or in the near future. We have local experts who have created customized tour and vacation packages that are suited for everyone. It doesn’t matter what you are into or not, we have the right vacation packages to ensure that you have an ultimate Costa Rica adventure. You can explore both the ocean as well as the beautiful and vast cloud forests. You can also watch all kinds of wildlife as well as participate in various activities that will set your Costa Rica vacation apart from any vacation you have ever had.

We have vacation packages for couples, singles, group or family. Our vacation packages are customized to give you the best Costa Rica experience. When you leave your vacation planning to us we will handle your accommodation, taxes as well as tours so that when you are here you just get to enjoy what Costa Rica has to offer. Let Gray Line tour experts take care of your vacation essentials as you enjoy the best vacation of your life.

Enjoy Costa Rica With Your Family

Here at Gray Line, we understand the needs of a family when they are on vacation. Thus, our family holiday itineraries are designed to ensure all family members have an ultimate Costa Rica adventure. We will get your family a nice hotel with vast swimming pools. Here, you can sun bath and relax while your kids swim in beautiful swimming pools. Most of these swimming pools are designed in a manner kids can enjoy slides and other activities.

Costa Rica Family Beach Vacations by Gray Line

You can also enjoy water rafting on Pacuare River with your loved ones or enjoy the beautiful scenery of Tortuguero National Park and Canals. These vacation packages are quite affordable when you consider the fun you are going to get. Give us a call and enjoy our incredible family vacation packages.

If You Love Adventure, We Got You Covered

We also offer adventure vacation packages that will make you experience the beautiful scenery of Costa Rica landscape. These vacation packages are customized to suit the preferences of everyone. Take a trip to cloud forests, tropical dry forests and rainforests and watch variety of birds and other animals in their natural habitat. Take a glimpse of the rarest animals such as the Central American squirrel monkey, Scarlet macaws, Morpho butterflies and Leatherback turtles.

Costa Rica Adventure Vacations by Gray Line

You can also enjoy active volcanoes in the safest distance possible. There is no place on Earth like Costa Rica where you can enjoy the wonder of nature at its extremes. Our adventure vacation packages include tours to places where the actual eruptions are taking place. We will take you to active volcanoes such as the Volcan Arenal, Irazu or Poas.

Arenal Volcano - La Fortuna - Costa Rica

We also offer deep sea diving packages for those who love to explore the Ocean. We will provide you with diving equipments as well as diving experts who will help you navigate the pacific safely. Be one of the few people to have explored the exotic coral reefs and marine life of Costa Rica.

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Give us a call today and book for your Costa Rica Vacation with us. Our vacation packages ensure that you will have the best experience in this beautiful country.

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