10 Awesome San Jose, Costa Rica Attractions

Costa Rica is known for being the land of Pura Vida.


Between the rich history, beautiful ocean waves, tropical forests, and the welcoming people, there is so much to discover. But, such a range of choices can make it hard to decide how to spend your time.


Luckily, we've made it easier for you.


Here are the top ten San Jose, Costa Rica attractions to visit on your upcoming trip.


San Jose Costa Rica Attractions


1. Gold Museum

The Gold Museum is home to a collection of over 2,000 pieces of pre-Columbian gold.


Visitors who walk the halls of this beautiful three-story attraction will feel as if they are guests of colonial royalty.


The gold is more than shiny objects and fancy handwork, it is a display of history. Every piece opens a window into the politics, religion, and artistry of the times.


This collection spans from 500 to 1500 AD.


2. Galeria Namu

The Galeria Namu is also filled with lovely creations, but with an indigenous twist.


This is a collection of paintings, pottery, and jewelry made by the hands of local folk artists. Each piece is a stunning representation of life in Costa Rica through their eyes.


Guests can appreciate the work as it is or buy pieces to take home.


3. Jade Museum

Another museum on the list of San Jose, Costa Rica attractions is the Jade.


The Jade hosts the world's largest collection of pre-Columbian jade pieces.


Separated into six exhibits, the importance of this stone can be seen in various contexts. Jade was used in daily life such as home goods and jewelry. It was also used for trade and religious ceremonies.


Artistic uses of this stone range from animals to human sculptures, too.


4. National Museum

Of all museums on the list, the National Museum has moved around the most.


It is currently in its fourth building since being founded. The other three have been demolished, but the array of art and history still stands strong inside the new walls.


Collections range from formal documents to personal artifacts and everything in between. Here, visitors get the full insight of life in Costa Rica and the relations this nation has had with neighboring communities.


5. National Theater

Once you've had your share of museums, sit back and relax at a show!


The National Theater hosts various plays, ballets, and musical events.


If you're tight on time, at least pay a visit to see the architecture.


The entire building is a beautiful display of art. Guests can take walking tours to get an up-close look at its structural wonders. Not to mention the sculptures, paintings, and chandeliers decking the halls as well.


6. La Sabana Park

Sometimes, you just want to get outside and enjoy the surroundings of a new place.


La Sabana is the top choice of all San Jose, Costa Rica attractions to do just that.


It's nestled in the heart of the city and is the largest urban park in the country.


Guests can enjoy a nice walk or get a workout in on one of the many running trails. Bring your kids to make it a family outing, too. They will enjoy interacting with many of the artists and vendors, and there are food stands to treat everyone to a local snack.


There's also plenty of fields for a picnic or a game of f?tbol. If you enjoy the water, head down to the lake with a good book or rent a pedal boat.


7. Central Market

While some travelers enjoy taking it slow at the park, others are ready to hit the streets.


If you're like the latter, be sure to make a stop at Central Market.


You can kill an entire afternoon exploring all the stuff here. Among the local artists, trendy fashion stands, and delicious food, there is plenty of adventure to be had.


Plus, you can find some really cool souvenirs to bring back for yourself and loved ones.


8. Take a Beer Tour

Discovering all of the San Jose, Costa Rica attractions can get a little tiring - why not wash the day down with a beer?


Even better, consider taking an afternoon to go on a beer tour.


The craft beer industry has been blowing up in Costa Rica. Beer tours give you an up-close look at how local businesses have added their own twist to this worldwide sensation.


You can enjoy the history of beer in the region, taste some flights, and of course, eat a few "bocas" as well.


9. Go on a Nature Excursion

While there is plenty to do in the heart of San Jose, there are many attractions waiting just outside of the city.


Nature tours are suitable for the most laid-back individual as well as the biggest thrill-seeker in your group. You can take a day to zipline through the rainforest or see it all on horseback.


Other nature options include riding ATVs or taking an aerial tram. You can also go white water rafting, if you're up for the challenge.


10. Get in the Water

Speaking of Costa Rican water adventures, don't forget to get to the beach while you're staying in San Jose.


Costa Rica offers some of the most outstanding shores to catch a few waves or watch an unforgettable sunset. It's a surfer's paradise as well as a romantic getaway.


You can go snorkeling and scuba diving, too. The waters are home to many kinds of fish and corral waiting to add a sense of wonder to your vacation.


For the especially daring, take a look at crocodile safari options.


Discover the Best San Jose, Costa Rica Attractions

No matter what you do in Costa Rica, you are sure to have the trip of a lifetime.


There is an air of welcoming and discovery everywhere you go. But, if you really want to make the most of this feeling, you have to plan ahead.


Choose your favorite San Jose, Costa Rica attractions and start booking your tickets and planning your days!


We're happy to help along the way.


Contact us today for a full list of all the activities available to you.

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