7 Family Friendly Tourist Attractions in Costa Rica

Traveling overseas on vacation is an exciting trip for anyone to take. When you bring your family along, it makes the trip much more special.


Especially when you're headed to Costa Rica. Even though it's smaller than Lake Michigan, Costa Rica has a lot to offer. You'll find 4% of the world's flora and fauna residing here.


Family Friendly Tourist Attractions in Costa Rica


There's also great food, miles of coastline, and even a volcano. Since there's so much to offer, it can be hard to decide what to do. To help you out, here are seven family friendly tourist attractions in Costa Rica.


1. Arenal Volcano National Park

Arenol volcano is a magical place to visit on your family friendly trip. You'll enjoy access to the rainforest, waterfalls, a volcano, and the country's largest lake.


With so much to see and do, everyone in the family will find something they love about visiting here.


While it's in its resting phase right now, Arenol volcano was the country's most active volcano. An average of 41 eruptions happened each day.


You can't hike up the volcano but you can hike through Arenal Volcano National Park. A bilingual naturalist guide can help you search for old lava flows and the various wildlife that inhabits the area.


You'll find that because of the unique micro-climate and ecosystems in the region, this place is home to some exotic species.


You'll find kids of all ages starting from age three up will have plenty of things to see and do here.


2. La Paz Waterfall Gardens

For a family-friendly vacation that's perfect for everyone, the La Paz Waterfall Gardens are a great choice.


You'll see examples of the rainforest, dry forest, and even wetlands. At the wildlife stations, you'll be able to view various animals indigenous to the area.


Species such as poisonous frogs, boas, tarantulas can all be viewed safely while you learn about the important job each species performs within their own biosphere.


There are also five different waterfalls to view here. En route to them, stop by the Hummingbird Garden where you'll spot tiny, emerald birds.


Don't forget to drop in at the Butterfly Garden where you can view Costa Rica's largest butterflies and learn how caterpillars get their wings.


3. Jaco Ropes

Jaco Ropes is perfect for a family-friendly vacation if you have kids that are aged seven and above. Younger children won't be allowed to get in on the fun.


For those old enough, families seeking thrills will enjoy the elevated obstacles. The ropes courses have amazing features like a 155-foot zip line and even a Tarzan swing that swings 108 feet through the jungle.


You'll also have fun on the vine pass and on the cargo net that runs across a creek. There's also a swing walk and a tightrope.


Just be sure to bring proper attire. There are no sandals allowed. Only closed-toed shoes are permitted.


4. Enjoy Family-Friendly Fun at Manuel Antonio National Park

Don't try to visit Manuel Antonio National Park on a Monday, they aren't open. During the rest of the week, they're open and it's often crowded.


It's worth the visit to view the white-throated capuchin monkeys and squirrel monkeys swing from branch to branch. If you look carefully, you might even spot a sloth nestled in a tree limb.


With over 900 bird species in Costa Rica, you'll find many of them within this national park. Make sure you go on a guided hike so you don't miss anything. You might even be able to spot an endangered species.


Manuel Antonio also boasts beautiful beaches with soft white sand and calm waters, perfect for family-friendly fun. There are also restrooms and picnic tables.


Be careful not to leave bags unattended or the monkeys may run off with them. Anything that's not edible will be thrown back down from the tops of the trees.


5. Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

At some point, I think we've all looked up at the clouds and wished we could be up there in the sky with them. At Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, you can.


It's a 26,000-acre park located at the Continental Divide. As a result, the winds create clouds that envelop the mountain peaks.


You'll be able to hike through mist-shrouded woods. You'll find lush ferns, mosses, vines, and beautiful orchids dangling from the trees.


Monteverde is also home to 400 species of birds. You'll also find animals like jaguars, ocelots, and quetzals. However, these cats are rarely seen.


So you don't miss anything, go with a guide. Book well in advance as only 160 people are admitted to the reserve at a time.


6. Santa Juana Rural Mountain Adventure Tour

The Santa Juana Rural Mountain Adventure tour is guided. It offers the opportunity to experience Costa Rican culture and biodiversity.


Your guide will drive your group to the top of the mountain and that's where the adventure begins. The ride up is bumpy as it's a stone and dirt road and it takes around 45 minutes.


At the top, you'll find expansive green and blue vistas. You'll be encouraged to choose a potted tree which is then planted in your name. It's part of the Carbon Offset Native Tree Reforestation Program.


For extra family-friendly fun, you can take a horse or hike down a trail where you can watch oxen turn sugar cane at an authentic sugar mill located at the bottom of the trail.


There are also trails through the rainforest that end up at waterfalls. You can actually dip into the freshwater pool, so bring your bathing suit. There are even two spots where you can jump off a cliff into the water if you're the adventurous type.


7. Hot Springs

Hot springs are also located in Costa Rica. That's because the same geothermal forces that create the lava from the volcano also create hot springs.


You can bike or hike up to them and enjoy a soothing soak in a lushly landscaped area.


Check with your doctor before you go if you're concerned whether it's suitable for you or your children to soak in the hot springs.


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