Costa Rica Vacation Packages

Costa Rica Vacation PackagesTraveling to a location that, literally, means rich coast is a dream for many people. 


Does lounging in paradise, touring through rain forests, and/or zip-lining through tree-lined mountains sound fantastic? This is what a trip to Costa Rica offers anyone that's ready to have a life-changing travel experience. 


Hosting close to two million tourists per year, Costa Rica is a global hot spot that must be witnessed at least once in a person's life. With 80% of travelers trekking to this Central American paradise to participate in eco-adventures and tours, it's a great option for a getaway!


Planning a day trip or an entire vacation getaway? Consider using a trusted company that can help you find the perfect Costa Rica vacation package to fit your travel needs.


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Top 5 Ways To Customize Your Trip To Costa Rica 

The adventures are truly endless when it comes to planning a Costa Rican escape.


Horseback riding on the beach, river adventures and canopy tours, national parks and volcanoes are a few of the many opportunities that this tropical country offers its guests. From the tame to the daring - any and every level of exploration can be offered to those that are ready to find out why Costa Rica truly is a rich coast.


Check out these top five ways to personalize your experience:


#1: Choose Your Perfect Costa Rica Vacation Package Adventure

A vacation to the beautiful nation of Costa Rica can provide experiences and adventures for any activity level. 


Ready to explore? Cave tours, diving trips, tubing excursions, zip-line adventures, and rain forest hikes are just a few of the possibilities that you could discover while appreciating all that Costa Rica has to offer.


Ready to be daring? Surf camps, shark dives, rock climbing, and mountain biking around volcanoes could be just what your trip needs to be amazing.


Ready to just relax? Day spas, all-inclusive resort amenities, shuttle/bus tours, walking tours, and vineyard escapes could provide just the de-stressing vacation that you need to unwind. 


There are so many different things to do in Costa Rica! Anyone and everyone can find exactly what they want to experience. Choosing from the many Costa Rica vacation package options can allow you to customize your trip and create the perfect travel experience.


#2: Book The Best Time To Travel

Choosing when you want to book your Costa Rica vacation package is one of the most integral parts of planning your trip. 


A few of the best times to consider would be from mid-December to April, which is considered Costa Rica's dry season. 


As with any tropical location, you'll want to consider hurricane season and plan accordingly. Although travel prices may be a bit lower during June to late-November, remember that Mother Nature can rear her wind and rain wrath with very little notice. 


#3: Add An Opportunity To Your Itinerary

Just because you decide to settle on a specific vacation package doesn't mean that you can't experience more of the unique experiences and adventures while visiting. 


For example, you can decide to book an all-inclusive resort package with spa treatments and pool days scheduled for most of your stay. That doesn't mean that you can't sneak in a zip-line tour through the rain forest, though. 


Finding the perfect vacation package to customize your Costa Rican escape is the best way to do exactly what you want. Just make sure to leave enough room for a bit of adventure along the way.


#4: Do It All

The US dollar is holding quite a bit more value in Costa Rica. Adding expeditions, adventures, and excursions to your vacation package can still fit most every budget.


Named 'rich coast' for a reason, this Central American paradise offers an abundance of tours and activities unlike any other. While you're vacationing in Costa Rica, you'll want to experience all that the country has to offer so take the time to soak up all the fun you can. 


Be adventurous. Be daring. Be relaxed. Be on Costa Rican time and do all that you can before jet-setting back to reality.


#5: Ask The Experts

Booking vacations online have never been easier. We simply search, click, pay, and enjoy. 


However, if this is your first time to the rich coast of Central America - it's probably not a bad idea to seek some assistance from a trusted company of travel professionals like us. Gray Line's team of travel experts have an intimate knowledge of Costa Rica can help plan for the perfect vacation experience.


Knowing which areas should be avoided, the weather patterns, and the best local hot spots are all helpful things to consider when booking the perfect vacation.


Also, if you are wanting to keep a specific budget in mind, have someone help you find the best Costa Rica vacation package. Packages that include airfare, lodging, transportation, and activities can create less stress when planning and help stick to a budget. 


When we vacation, we aren't looking for added stress; we're trying to leave stress behind. Having someone help plan your perfect paradise escape to Costa Rica is not only a great idea but also can save you quite a bit of time and money in the long run. 


Experience Paradise With A Costa Rica Vacation Package

A tropical escape is perfect for anyone that is looking to find adventure or just escape the everyday stresses of life for awhile.


Picture yourself floating down a hidden river covered in a canopy of lush, natural rain forest. Imagine climbing to the top of a waterfall and plunging into the waiting pool of cool, fresh water below.  


No matter what experience you're looking to have while vacationing on the rich coastline of Costa Rica, make sure to plan every possible opportunity to truly embrace all this Central American country has to offer. Whether it be zip-lining through tall trees, surfing the pipelines along the beach, or taking a boat cruise to a relatively remote area off the coast - every vacation dream can become a reality in Costa Rica.


Discover the difference that the sun, sand, and raw nature of Costa Rica can offer. Let us, the experts of adventure help you plan the perfect escape from the ordinary.